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Your AF treatment explained

Dr Finlay's approach to AF

AF Treatment Explained: Articles & Resources
Doctor Taking Notes

Read the three major steps we can take towards keeping you safe from the major complications of AF, and how we can get you healthy again from this debilitating condition.

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What is AF ablation, and what do I do when performing one?


AF ablation is now a safe and quick procedure, with good success rates. However, there are risks that you must be aware of, and these are explained here.

Doctor Taking Notes

In general, over 90% of procedures are acutely successful. But what does this mean for the patient?


It's not a disaster if AF returns after you AF ablation procedure. There are lots of options here, find out more here.


Ablation isn't the only option for your AF management, and isn't suitable for everyone. It's important to know what the alternatives are.


We all hear about the benefits of lifestyle changes in the media. But is it true, and what should I do to help myself?

Filling Prescription

Many patients wonder why they would need to continue a blood thinner after a successful procedure. Here's my take.

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