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My Companies

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Echopoint Medical Ltd

I'm proud to have been involved in founding several great and innovative MedTech startups, each addressing a critical unmet need in Cardiology.

Echopoint Medical Ltd was founded in 2018 as a spin out from UCL with funding from UCLTF and Parkwalk Advisors. Echopoint is developing transformative interventional tools to address critical problems in coronary intervention, including the iKOr system and microcatheter.

Rhythm AI Ltd

Rhythm AI was founded in 2018 as a spin out from Barts Health NHS Trust. It is developing revolutionary new methods of targeting areas for more efficient and effective ablation of atrial fibrillation.


Epicardio Ltd

Epicardio provides the world's first, web delivered, whole heart electrical simulation for teaching and training.


It is in use in medical schools and institutions across the globe to bring a real understanding of arrhythmia to trainees worldwide.


Radnor Medical Ltd

Radnor Medical Ltd was formed in 2024 with the aim of providing the best care to patients with heart rhythm problems. Dr Finlay is proud to provide his private medical services through Radnor Medical Ltd. 

Dr Finlay works with the world's greatest cardiac medical device companies, and has received research funding, grants, travel support, educational support, lecture and consultancy fees from Biosense Webster (J&J) ltd, Abbott Ltd, Medtronic Ltd, Biotronik GmBH amongst others.

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