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Second Opinions

Empowering your own decisions

Making informed decisions about your heart health is critical, and sometimes a second opinion can provide valuable additional insight. As a cardiologist, I understand that seeking a second opinion isn't a reflection on your current doctor; it's a proactive step towards feeling confident and empowered in your healthcare journey.

Why Choose Me for a Second Opinion?
  • Collaborative Spirit: I believe in fostering strong relationships with other physicians, ensuring a seamless exchange of information and a unified approach to your care.

  • Open Communication: I prioritize clear, patient-friendly communication. I'll listen attentively to your concerns, review your medical history, and explain my assessment in a way you can understand.

  • Comprehensive Review: I'll carefully review your existing diagnosis, treatment plan, and any relevant medical records.

  • Independent Perspective: As a second opinion provider, I offer an objective viewpoint, taking into account the latest evidence-based practices and considering alternative approaches if appropriate.

  • Shared Decision-Making: Ultimately, the decision about your treatment lies with you. I empower you with the information and insights you need to make informed choices that align with your values and preferences.

What to Expect During a Second Opinion Appointment:
  • Detailed discussion: We'll discuss your medical history, current symptoms, and any questions you may have.

  • Review of records: I'll carefully review your existing medical records, including test results and imaging studies.

  • Physical examination: I'll perform a thorough physical examination, including checking your blood pressure, heart rate, and rhythm.

  • Open discussion: We'll openly discuss your diagnosis, treatment options, and any potential risks and benefits.

  • Shared decision-making: We'll collaboratively determine the best course of action for your individual needs.

Benefits of another view


  • Seeking a second opinion is a sign of proactive engagement in your health.

  • I am here to provide an objective perspective and empower you to make informed decisions.

  • Communication is key – feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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