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Holter Monitor

Why have a Holter Monitor

A Holter monitor (sometimes called "24-hour tape") offers a discreet and convenient way to monitor your heart's rhythm for 24 hours or up to 7 days, right in the comfort of your own home.

What is a Holter Monitor?

Think of it as a tiny "black box" worn on your chest. Equipped with electrodes, it continuously records your heart's electrical activity throughout your daily activities. This detailed information helps me, your cardiologist, gain valuable insights into your heart rhythm, even when symptoms are infrequent or elusive.

Advantages of Holter Monitoring
  • Convenient and comfortable: Unlike traditional ECGs limited to short periods in a clinic setting, a Holter monitor allows you to go about your daily routine as usual, capturing a more comprehensive picture of your heart's rhythm.

  • Easy to use: We can conveniently send the monitor directly to your home address. Applying it is simple, with clear instructions provided. Once the monitoring period is complete, you simply return it to us via prepaid mail.

  • Valuable for diagnosis and monitoring: Holter monitors are instrumental in:

    • Diagnosing arrhythmias: Identifying irregular heartbeats like atrial fibrillation or premature ventricular contractions.

    • Monitoring after procedures: Assessing the effectiveness of treatments and ensuring your heart rhythm remains stable after ablation or pacemaker implantation.

    • Evaluating symptoms: Correlating symptoms like dizziness or palpitations with specific heart rhythm abnormalities.

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What to expect
  • Placement: We'll provide detailed instructions on applying the Holter monitor at home. It attaches to your chest with gentle adhesive patches and connects to electrodes placed on your skin.

  • Daily activities: Wear the monitor comfortably during your entire monitoring period, even while sleeping or showering (with special waterproof covers provided). Go about your usual routine, noting down any symptoms you experience.

  • Returning the monitor: Once the monitoring period is complete, simply return the device using the pre-paid mailer.

  • Results and discussion: I will analyze the recorded data thoroughly and schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss the findings, explain implications for your diagnosis or treatment plan, and answer any questions you may have.

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