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Three ways to book your appointment!

To make is as easy as possible for you to get an appointment with Dr Finlay, there are four ways you can get in touch or book an appointment directly!

Woman on Her Phone

Contact us by phone directly! If we can't answer right away, leave a message and we'll get back just as soon as possible!

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 The email will come straight through to our booking team and will get straight back to you as soon as possible.


The best and most secure way of getting an appointment at a time you want is via our booking system directly! Just register via our patient portal and you can book yourself in.

Alternatively: Use this form!

Private Cardiology Appointments:

One Welbeck Heart Health



NHS Practice:
Barts Heart Centre; London; EC1A 7BE

NHS contact telephone: 020 8950 0534

We will get back very quickly to any enquires sent via this form!

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