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Where do you see patients?

Dr Finlay sees patients at the London Bridge Hospital and at Barts Heart Centre, and also at One Welbeck Street. The majority of patients now elect for a "virtual" first appointment, where we can decide on management plans and investigations needed, with a face-to-face appointment at a second step.

What cardiac rhythm problems do you treat?

Dr Finlay has a particular expertise in the management of all adult atrial arrhythmias, especially AF, Atrial Flutter and SVTs. He manages patients with all types of heart rhythm problems, and is an acknowledged expert in pacemakers and ICDs as well as other cardiac devices. Dr Finlay does not treat children with heart rhythm conditions.

Can I get a same-day appointment?

Dr Finlay only sees selected patients  privately. However, on some occasions it is possible to arrange an appointment urgently. Please contact to enquire, the ability to perform a virtual clinic appointment makes this much more straightforward than in the past.

Will my insurance cover my visit?

Dr Finlay is registered with all the main UK health insurers, most insured patients are fully covered for their clinic appointment. However, do check your policy as this varies by insurer. You may also be liable to pay for any investigations recommended.

Can I see Dr Finlay on the NHS?

Dr Finlay practices at Barts Heart Centre and holds his outpatient appointments at Whipps Cross Hospital (part of Barts Health NHS Trust). Ask your GP for a direct referral to his clinic (via ERS) if you wish to see him in the NHS.

Can I pay for an appointment or procedure directly?

Yes, Dr Finlay is happy to provide a "self-pay" appointment where these options can be discussed. For most UK-resident patients, NHS options are available, but it can be hard to ensure who performs the procedure and waiting lists can be very long.

"I will always recommend what I believe to be the best treatment course for you, and also let you know the alternatives and options. How we best get to that point we can discuss in person."

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