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Heart Rhythm 2024

I recently had the incredible opportunity to attend the Heart Rhythm Society 2024 conference in Boston. It was a fantastic experience, showcasing the latest advancements in technology and the newest scientific breakthroughs in our field.

One of the highlights for me was seeing the attention our techniques from London, particularly those from our centre at Barts and One Welbeck, received. It was gratifying to present our science and posters, and to be recognised for being at the cutting edge of cardiac electrophysiology.

However, what stood out even more was the chance to learn from other centres and their unique approaches from around the world. The exchange of ideas and the diversity of methodologies were truly enriching.

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to the organisers at the Heart Rhythm Society for orchestrating such an impactful event. I can’t wait to bring back my learnings to better manage and treat my patients.

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